Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a SpongeBob wiki that, despite branding itself as an "encyclopedia", has content more stupid and irrelevant than that found on the Un-Spongebob Wiki. Its userbase is mostly composed of prepubescent children and pedophiles, with very little overlap between them. The most notable of those pedophiles is AMK152, who runs the wiki as a way of distracting himself from how much of a lonely virgin he is.

Hall of Fame Edit

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to ESB articles, teaching us that no idea is too much of a stretch when you're editing a wiki about a cartoon about a seasponge that can talk.

  • Alternate Universe SpongeBob - Yeah, SpongeBob's fucking reflection deserved a page of his own. Great job, ESB editors
  • SpongeBob's skin - Sure, why the fuck not. They already made a page for his reflection
  • Peas - Fuck is this shit
  • Potato salad - Whatever the guy who made this page was smoking, I want some of it
  • SpongeBob's skeleton - His skin has a page, so it's only natural his skeleton has one, too, right?
  • SpongeBob's tongue - "Help, officer! I think one of the pedophiles editing this site mutilated SpongeBob!"