Squidward just asking for it

“Hmmm, 'Property of Squidward Testicles'.”
~ Patrick getting Squidward's name wrong

“That's Tentacles... de-derr, Tortellini!”
~ Squidward correcting him

Squidward Tortellini is a squid or octopus or whatever who lives in the same neighborhood as Springboob Squirepin and Patback, much to his chagrin. Even much-er to his chagrin, he works in the Krusty Krap with Springboob, where he often gets blamed for Springboob's blunders. He is regularly harassed by Springboob, Mr. Kraps, and Patback due to his big nose and weird name, which they always get wrong. Squidward has learned to deal with the foolishness around him by drinking lots of alcohol.

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