Brakrabslol This page is not canon to SpongeBob parody universe

Enjoy your lack of Springboobs and Patbacks while you can


Weenies in their natural habitat

A weenie is a person who is so lame, so pathetic that anthropologists will use him as an example of humanity gone wrong. He's a step below a nerd and a step below a geek. He is truly irredeemable. Symptoms of weeniedom is as follows:

  • You spend 11 minutes proving you're tough enough to get into a bar, but when you are allowed in, you slip on an ice cube and get covered in boo boos
  • You take a position on the whole bald vs. shaved debate. It doesn't matter what the position is. Just having a position makes you an indisputable weenie
  • You edit a SpongeBob wiki
  • Even worse, you edit a SpongeBob parody wiki

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